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Our goal is to remove the necessity for businesses to have large, expensive tech teams for building and maintaining their applications.

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    High Quality MVP

    The Tross Engine enables us to build high quality MVPs in a short amount of time. Satisfaction guaranteed

    24/7 Bug Support

    No longer does your company need to have engineers on support to fix bugs when they show up. Our 24/7 support will handle that for you

    Unlimited Feature Requests

    When you want a new feature on your application, just submit a request and we will add it in for you

The Tross® Engine

One simple stack for all types of applications

SEO Optimized Frontend




Lightweight Scalable Backend




Focus on your Business, Let us Handle your Tech

It can take companies years and a large chunk of resources to put together a qualified team of developers to get a functional MVP up. We put up high quality MVPs in a short amount of time and for a fraction of the price. Any issues can be resolved via our 24/7 support team and if you'd want additional features added we're just one request away.

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  • $0 Hosting
  • <5 months to Production
  • 24/7 support via Slack
  • Made in the USA by Software Engineers

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